Undercover Chef

Undercover Chef

Food Network

Undercover Chef is the hidden camera format where executive chef and restaurateur Mark Estee helps some of America’s most desperate and dysfunctional restaurants by going undercover, exposing their dark secrets, then showing them how to create amazing new food and institute best practices.

Estee’s techniques are unconventional.  He hides 20 cameras throughout each location, assumes a false identity and infiltrates the restaurants to learn how the staffers operate when they don't know they are being watched.

The series tells transformational food stories, shows shocking moments in restaurants and changes lives.  These are stories about people who followed their dreams, opened restaurants and have fallen on hard times.  The stakes are high but there is also humor in life’s struggles.  And there is always hope when a team is willing to persevere.

Undercover Chef premieres in the winter of 2020.